What we do more

Marketing Healthcheck

An objective review of your existing business plan, target sectors and customers to confirm their compatibility with your business.

We give your firm’s marketing a thorough and explorative health check. We assess where your firm is at present and establish what is working well and what areas may need adjusting.

How much time is spent on customer development and by whom? Is it working? What are the KPI’s? Is your website up to date, and giving the correct message? Do you have a database?

Target sector and customer profiling

What type of work makes you the most money and why?………..Where do we find more of it?

What type of work loses you money and why?…….how do we avoid more of it?

We identify the best clients and opportunities to develop and target customers to meet your business plan.

By obtaining the reports and accounts for your target clients, we establish their programmes for the coming year making direct contact with those clients and start the relationship building process. We identify the key decision makers and understand their contractor selection criteria.

USP Development & SWOT

Support and assistance in formulating your company’s Unique Selling Points to your customers.

Strengths and Weaknesses……..What are they?

Customer action plans

Map out how we will develop the customer to move them from target through to primary status.

Competitor analysis

There are too many competitors in our industry to analyse. However understanding the up and coming successful movers and shakers in your sector, and use their strengths and weaknesses is essential to stay ahead of them and keep your clients before someone takes them.

Marketing planning and brand awareness initiatives

Planning and continuity management support in marketing and brand awareness campaigns, including design input for promotional literature, organising corporate /hospitality events and representation at industry events and functions.

Capture Strategy

The enquiry is in, how are we going to win it? This is a team challenge!

Customer feedback

Collect, collate and report performance feedback from your customers, and provide action plans as necessary.


Collate and keep up-to-date accurate reports for:

Bid support

Providing support and input on tender submission document design, and content.

What is the estimator’s role? What do we want him to do?

Increased Performance

What are your conversion rates? Who keeps a record? Are you improving or declining? Do you know why?

We build a strategy to secure the project, once the enquiry is received?

One Step further… Are you maximising your in-house business development capability?

Build your in-house business development capability through a series of training programmes to equip your team with a positive mindset and competences to grow your firm.

Key Account Manager Coaching

How often do your staff come back from site meetings etc, having sat all day next to very influential decision makers is beyond count. To then ask someone else to contact these people because ‘you overheard them talking about their next project’ is not the way to strike whilst the iron is hot!

We will of course follow up these leads, but we prefer to coach people to ask the very simple questions that lead to new business:

Web Design & Development

Our web designer provides effective websites designed to look good and function well, tailor made for your business.

Site Acquisitions

Our expert has over 20 years experience in the restaurant sector from operations to main UK board plc positions. His experience helps the client to understand existing market conditions, comparable rents and premiums and of course it’s competitors. The service provides advice to the UK restaurant industry on acquisitions and growth. He regularly act as “the UK Acquisition Team” for international brands entering the UK market and is well placed to advise clients independently on selecting the right location.

We cover all the main food categories including fast-food, fast-casual, bars and fine dining.

Non Executive Directorship

Do you need someone to Challenge your business development plan?

Would your board meetings benefit from a new opinion on sales?