Business is now starting to Boom. Are you? or could you benefit from an Non Exec Evaluation?

Does your board have a clear and shared sense of its business development role? Are you aware of your strengths and the areas it might need to work on? Do you have a clear way forward for the company’s development over the next year?
These are some of the reasons for carrying out a sales & marketing evaluation. It’s important to keep the focus on continuous improvement. Think of it as you would carrying out regular appraisals of your staff – you would always want to make sure this was done and followed up. What benefits can you achieve? Can you Construct More than your current order book, and make More money?

What benefits can you achieve?

A good board business development evaluation

If the evaluation is externally facilitated it:

How do you ensure you achieve a positive outcome?

It’s important to discuss the reasons you are doing the evaluation with your board and to make sure that all directors are happy with why and how it is being done and the expected benefits. Keep the exercise in proportion to the size and scope of the company. Think about the time and budget you are prepared to devote to it. If some directors have reservations about the exercise start small. You can always build on your first exercise next time.

What is the best way to go about it?

Either do it yourself, Or bring in an independent external facilitator such as Peter Hurley at Constructing More.

Individual discussions with us generate the best result but require time and resource. A facilitated workshop can bring out a wide range of issues and lead to an agreed view of the company’s strengths and priorities for business development and increased profit over the coming year.

However the work is done, the aim is to end up with an agreed Action Plan of practical points to take forward over the following year which will help your board give the best possible Business Development plane and support to your business to maximise your profits.